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Singing Membership

Rehearsals: Are held in All Saints’ (Parish) Church. Any alterations to rehearsal times or venue will be given in advance so please bring your diary and a pencil to all rehearsals. There is an expectation that members will attend as many rehearsals as possible to be entitled to sing in the concert.

Concert arrangements: Concerts are given on Saturday evenings in All Saints’ Church, Church Street, Gainsborough. A rehearsal is held at the church on the Thursday evening before and the afternoon of the concert. Concert dress is dinner jacket for men, long black skirt or black dress trousers, long-sleeved white blouse and plain black cardigan or jacket for ladies. Please adhere to these colours and styles.

Emergency telephone numbers: In the event of extreme weather, we have on occasion had to cancel rehearsals. If you think that a rehearsal is doubtful and wish to confirm it is cancelled, please ring Deirdre Speed (07710 535725). Please appreciate that I cannot telephone all members, so giving me your email address helps!.

GIFT AID: If you are an income tax payer, why not gift aid your membership subscription? You must pay an amount of income tax and / or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the tax year. You may cancel this declaration at any time by notifying the charity. If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income and capital gains tax equal to the tax the charity reclaims, you can cancel your Declaration (see above). If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief on your Self Assessment tax return. If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, ask the charity, or your local tax office for leaflet IR65.

Please notify the charity if you change your name or address.

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